It is a major mistake for anybody to think that just because they know how to care for one type of pet, that they can care for another type. All pets do not have the same dietary, medical and companionship needs. People should be especially mindful of thinking they can care for big animals such as horses, just because they know how to take care of large dogs. Large dogs are big, but horses are much bigger, and have different needs. If a person thinks they put a horse inside of a large dog bed, and not have to do anything else, they are mistaken. 

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Basic Horse Needs

Horses are not like other animals that spend most of their time walking around. Many other animals are fine being inside of small spaces all day, even if they cover much larger areas in the wild, but horses are not like them. Horses can be placed inside of stalls for short time periods, but in general, they need to spend most of their time inside of large open spaces where they have room to break out into full runs.

When it comes to dietary needs, horses are not like other animals that scavenge for anything they can find. Horses like to have a consistent diet, they like to feed at consistent times, and they are designed internally designed to be able to eat almost all day. Horses spend most of their time grazing, so if a person thinks they are going to have a constant companion that follows them around like a dog when they get a horse, they are mistaken. Some horses become attached to the humans that take care of them, but many horses still remain a bit wild at heart no matter how much humans care for them.


Horses in the wild can do their bathroom business wherever they want to and nobody is usually bothered by it, including the horses. If a horse has a very large area to roam and relieve himself in, a person doesn't have to worry too much about cleaning up after it. Unfortunately, some of the people that own horses do not have very large areas for horses to roam, and they put them in stables at night to sleep. If a horse is sleeping inside of a stall, the stall needs to be cleaned out every day. Stalls are not like cat litter boxes. Litter boxes can be used for long periods of time without having to be changed, but horse stalls need to be cleaned frequently.

When people are out shopping for horses, it is important for them to remember that the beautiful animals they are looking at are unique animals. Before a person buys a horse, they should make sure that they know how to care for it, because if they do not, the life of the horse they get is going to be miserable, and they could end up getting hurt by the horse, or they could have legal troubles if somebody reports that they are not properly caring for the horse they own.